Lawn Treatment

We care about your lawn as much as you do.

5-Step Lawn Treatment Process

Clients who have worked with us before know that we stand by our 5-step lawn treatment process. You’ll love the result as much as we love doing it for you. Our process consists of:


  1. Thatching– Lawn need a renovation? Thatching your lawn will help bring up debris and grass, uncovering a beautiful, luscious lawn.
  2. Weed treatment– Little bit of weeds or a lot, it does not matter. We will treat your lawn to get rid of unwanted weeds while leaving the grass green and healthy.
  3. Disease– Dying grass, brown spots, or areas of no growth may mean disease for your lawn. We will diagnose and treat your lawn to bring it back to a healthy, beautiful state.
  4. Insect treatment– If grubs or insects are a problem with your lawn, we have a treatment for you that will help you enjoy your outdoor space throughout the seasons.
  5. Aerating– This process, which may seem over-looked, is vital to a healthy and luscious lawn. The process pinpoints areas of thatch or dense lawn that air and water struggle to penetrate and provide much-needed nutrients resulting in a beautiful lawn.